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meet sara nudd

Pediatric Sleep Consultant

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Hi, I’m Sara, a certified pediatric nurse and sleep consultant specializing in maternal mental health needs. After 20+ years working as a pediatric nurse and my own experience as a mother, I know how hard parenting is and how isolating it can feel. I also know the impact of sleep deprivation on the mental health of families. I am passionate about giving parents the education and support they need to help their babies and children sleep better so they can parent from a place of calm, confidence, and connection.

my background

When I first became a mom almost 25 years ago, I was still in college with one year left to graduate. And I had no idea what was in store. After a 23 hour vaginal delivery without an epidural, we discovered that our adorable 10 pound baby boy would need to be flown from our small town hospital to the big city pediatric hospital because his vital signs were showing that he wasn’t getting enough oxygen. Soon after he was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, Ebstein's Anomaly in 1998.  Looking back on my experience with my first baby, there were so many risk factors and symptoms of postpartum depression and anxiety that I was experiencing. Yet back then there was very little known about perinatal mental health. And there was still a huge negative stigma around mental health. That experience inspired me to become a pediatric nurse. 


Over the last two decades, my nursing career has focused on teaching families in the ambulatory, management and telehealth settings. Collaborating with parents with children and offering care advice and at home strategies to care for their little ones. In 2019 I became a certified sleep consultant to focus on helping exhausted families create healthy sleep habits. Because I love nursing and love pediatrics, I continue to work part time as a nurse. I am also pursuing my masters degree to become a nurse practitioner in order to provide my clients with additional counseling services. I love supporting growing families with sleep and mental health.

my approach

As a pediatric RN and perinatal/pediatric sleep coach, I’ve noticed that a lot of my clients are currently or in the process of overcoming postpartum mood disorders. That’s why it’s so important for me to normalize these symptoms and open up the dialogue in a safe space while offering the systems and resources that these families so desperately need. With all of my pregnancies, I experienced postpartum depression and wish that I could have had access and knowledge to all of the resources that are available now. 


Working as a sleep consultant is more than sleep.  It’s about supporting the parent and the child. It’s a collaborative effort with each family that will result in peaceful sleep and ultimately, rest.   


When you work with me I promise to trust you. So much of what we read and see online and hear from others is overwhelming and creates confusion. Everything we do together will be focused on helping you sift through that information and trust your gut. We will get through this together. Parenting is hard, no matter the stage, and you aren’t alone in this adventure. I see you doing your best and still feeling like you aren’t doing a good enough job. But know this, up until this point you have been doing all that you can to get through each day and there’s NO shame in that.  Now, let’s get you and your family growing and thriving.

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“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Sara. She is warm, kind, and incredibly experienced in her craft. Parenting is anything but a paved road - but having Sara as a resource for ALL things (seriously - she is invaluable), makes the road seem less steep. Not only is she knowledgeable, but she is incredibly respectful, inclusive, and inviting of all parenting types. She doesn't drive decisions for you - she educates, supports, and empowers you to make the best decisions for your family.  I cannot sing her praises enough! What a gift she is.”



my qualifications


  • Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Regis University

  • Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner candidate 2024 from Purdue 



  • CPN-Certified Pediatric Nurse

  • PMH-C Perinatal Mental Health Certification 

  • Newborn and Pediatric Sleep Certification 

  • Adult Sleep Certification

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"I highly recommend! We worked with Sara as a pediatric sleep consultant for our 7 year old daughter. Our daughter up to that point, was unable to sleep consecutive nights in a row and was struggling with night wakings every night for years.


Since working with Sara, our daughter has made tremendous strides and we have not only seen her sleep patterns improve, but also her confidence.


Sleep training a young child is no easy feat. With Sara's help and guidance we feel confident we have the tools we need to help our daughter. We are so grateful we found her!!"


-Sarah L

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a bit more about me...

I grew up in the Denver, Colorado area and am married to my summer camp sweetheart. In the 90’s, we met at “nerd camp” when we were 12 years old. After reuniting on Facebook 25 years later, we are a blended family with four kids and our dog, Ginger. Our oldest two children just finished college and then we have one currently in high school and another in elementary school.  

Reading a good book is one of my favorite ways to escape into a different world and learn new things. Camping in the summer is a fun way to reconnect with nature and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We love to travel to experience new cultures, foods and perspectives.


And of course, yoga and laughter are my all time favorite ways to relieve stress and bring joy into my spirit. Whether it's through connecting with friends and family, watching a funny movie, or attending a comedy show, laughter can be a powerful medicine for the mind and body. Keep doing what you love and enjoying life to the fullest! 

Your health and wellbeing matter just as much as your baby's health and wellness.

My goal is to work collaboratively with you to help you get the rest your body and mind needs so you can feel confident as a parent. 

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