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Parenting is hard, but you don’t have to be exhausted doing it.

Infant and Toddler Sleep Packages

Ready to reclaim your sanity?

Tired of the fog that follows a night with out sleep?
Are sleepless nights and endless exhaustion making you feel like you're losing your mind?


It doesn't have to be this way!

does this sound familiar?

As a new parent, everything can feel like a mystery, from learning how to feed your baby to figuring out how to soothe them when they won’t stop crying.  


Speaking from experience, we tend to seek outside information, but receive confusing or mixed messages. This causes us to second-guess, feel self-critical, and generally lost on how to best care for yourself and your children.


Combining the mixed messages and confusion with babies' notorious unpredictable sleep patterns, it’s common to be exhausted from the seemingly never-ending wakeful nights.


The challenge of becoming a new parent and the lack of sleep can be incredibly taxing on both physical and mental health leading to fatigue, irritability, and even depression.

But, you can take the guesswork out of supporting your child to sleep and get the rest you need. There is no perfect parent and there is no perfect one-fits-all sleep solution which is why The Mama Co-Op provides individualized strategies and sleep solutions that will work for your family.

Sleeping Baby

Take a Closer Look

Sleep Solutions 

Infants and toddlers 4 months-3 years old
It's time to rediscover peaceful nights and well-rested days.

Most Popular


Basic $159

For the family that needs just a little bit of help and pointed in the right direction. 

Investment includes:

  • 45 minute virtual sleep consultation

  • Review of sleep intake

  • PDF of customized age-appropriate action steps focusing on holistic and gentle sleep training methods

  • Access to Facebook Community


Preferred $479

For families that have struggled with sleep less than 1 month and would prefer daily hands on support.

Investment includes:

  • ONE WEEK virtual sleep consultation

  •  Review of sleep intake

  • Sleep plan that focuses on the root cause with holistic, evidence based, and mindful sleep strategies

  • 45-minute telephone or video consult

  •  One week of UNLIMITED Rested support

  •   Additional phone or virtual support as need throughout the week

  •   Access to Facebook Community


Concierge $899

If your child has been struggling with sleep for more than 1 month, this Concierge support package will provide the support you need and deserve.


  • TWO WEEK Virtual sleep consultation  

  • Review of sleep intake

  • Sleep plan that focuses on the root cause with holistic, evidence based gentle sleep strategies

  •   45-minute telephone or  video consult to review sleep plan and strategies

  •  TWO WEEKS of unlimited Rested support

  •  Additional phone or virtual support as needed throughout the two weeks

  • Access to Facebook Community

  •  Two 45-minute follow up consults that can be used 6 to 12 months in the future

"First off, Sara is such a kind person. From our first call, it instantly felt like we were good friends without even speaking before! She asked thorough and detailed questions to really dive in to our current routine, what we tried so far, developmentally where our little girl was at with learning new skills, what our goals were, etc. and made me feel like I was already doing such a great job, despite the stress of having a nine month old who only napped for 30-45 minutes and was having occasional night time wake ups."

-Courtney W

  • How long does sleep coaching take?
    We will take a look at the root cause of the sleep issue first. Then, it all depends on what’s going on, the age of the client, consistency, and goals of the family. For younger infants, usually with in 3-10 nights we will see significant improvements. For school age children, like adults, it can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks.
  • If I am still breastfeeding, does that matter?
    I love that you are still nursing your child. If you want to continue nursing at night, that is great! I always want you to feed your baby when they are hungry and we will create the sleep plan with the intention of including overnight feeds. If decreasing breastfeeding at night is a goal, I am here to support you and we will develop our strategies with that in mind. Depending on your baby’s age, weight, and development, there may be overnight feeds (bottle, breast or chest) needed and that’s ok. We are in this together and will create a schedule and plan that works for you.
  • Can my child be at daycare during the day and successfully learn how to sleep at night?
    Great question! Yes.
  • My preschooler has frequent nightmares and needs me to sleep with her? Is that something that you can help with?
    Some children will experience nightmares when they aren’t getting enough sleep or if there are a lot of changes occurring or if they are under more stress than usual. We will work to create a predictable and sustainable schedule using positive parenting techniques and age appropriate sleep interventions for your preschooler.
  • If my 9 year old doesn't fall asleep right after bedtime, what can I do? Do we need a sleep consultation?
    There could be several reasons why your 9 year old isn’t falling asleep right at bedtime. Anything from environment to timing to sleep hygiene to nutrition to relaxation techniques to boundaries to physical reasons could be contributing to the bedtime struggles. The Sleep Academy will assess the root cause and then we will have a weekly intervention that will ultimately lead to restful sleep. To decide if the Sleep Academy is appropriate for your child, you can schedule a free 15-30 minute consultation here.
  • Should I check with my doctor before starting a sleep consultation package?
    Yes. Collaborating as a team along side your pediatrician and other health care practitioners is another reason why I love this work. Supportive interventions using different modalities provides optimal holistic care. I encourage all of our clients to have a conversation with their health care provider prior to beginning. Because it’s important to identify the root cause of the sleep concerns, it’s a priority to rule out any physical causes.
  • What is your approach? Do I have to do cry-it-out?
    The Cry it Out Method…let's talk about the awkward elephant in the room before we go ANY further.​ Also known as the Extinction method and several others, this method is most likely going to be the recommendation from a pediatrician. I KNOW firsthand the physical response you feel when your little one is crying My experience and education have proven to me that there are interventions that will lead to sleep without all of the tears...though SOME tears are going to happen. As your coach, I will do my very best to make bedtime a successful experience and one that uses techniques to help ease the transition for both of you. Not all babies are going to accept comforting when they are crying. My oldest child protested becoming even more upset when I would go into his room and not do what our usual routine included. So, it is important to honor YOUR baby and determine what will work for them. Understand that tears do not always mean distress. Of course, we do want to make sure she is always safe and never hurting but we are also teaching healthy and safe boundaries.
  • Where do sessions take place?
    All sleep consultations are virtual.
  • Does my child need a diagnosis or referral to work with you?
    No referral or diagnosis is needed. Together we will work on supporting your child achieve successful and restorative sleep.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    At this time, we do not accept insurance. However, you could always check with your insurance provider for reimbursement.

Remember when bedtimes weren't a battle?


Now is the time to create healthy sleep habits for your child and the entire family.

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