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Bathroom Tiles

Who's Ready to Potty?

To Pee or To Poop?

Let’s be honest, it is a JOURNEY! Some kids will pick up on peeing in the potty easily but struggle to poop in the potty, or struggle to stay dry at naps and nighttime or just have repeat accidents! Most of the time, parents and their children run into 1-2 major barriers in the potty training journey. That’s why hiring a potty training coach can help you with the precise issue you are experiencing!

Common Roadblocks

It's about more than picking out a new package of big kid underwear. Potty training can be difficult.  Frequent concerns we address in with our potty training support:

  • Night wetting

  • Not pooping in the potty

  • Holding pee or poop?

  • Fear of going on a public toilet

  • Fear of flushing the toilet

Signs that may indicate a child is ready to potty train:

Dry Diaper

Dry diaper for up to a 2 hour stretch

Dry After Nap

Wakes up with a dry diaper from a nap

Interest in Dressing

Performs simple undressing 

Regular Poops

Regular, predictable bowel movements


Communicates that they need to poop or pee. 

Shows Interest

Is curious about learning bathroom habits

You Are Ready

The timing allows for a predictable family schedule for a few days

Can Sit Still

Is able to sit on the potty for 2-5 minutes

Say goodbye to diapers!
Is your child ready?


DIY $39

This is just right when all  you need is a potty training PLAN.  You can download the plan right now to get started! This puts the ball in your court and allows you to execute all of the training but still have an up to date research based approach.


Quick Help $199

This plan is focused on helping your child with 1-2 major roadblocks!


For example, maybe child has been peeing in the potty for months, but will not poop in the potty. Or maybe your child never has accidents at school, but has repeat accidents at home. This plan is focused on the problem areas that are holding your child back from being completely toilet trained. 

This plan will include weekly check-ins for 4 weeks + a customized plan to overcome the specific issue your child is working through.


Concierge $499

Need to start the potty training process from the beginning or restart the training altogether?


We will work together with a comprehensive, customized plan with weekly check-ins for 6 weeks to address all potty concerns. We'll work on pooping in the toilet, staying dry while away from home, nap time training, etc.


Peeing in the potty may come easy, but we will work together to ensure we have all our bases covered to ensure success. We are in this together!

Let’s Work Together

Hello there!

My name is Kira, and I am a certified potty training coach, sleep coach, pediatric RN and most importantly proud mom of two! I am here to support you and your child’s potty training journey.

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