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Virtual Pediatric Sleep Consultations

does this sound familiar?

As a new parent, everything can feel like a mystery, from learning how to feed your baby to figuring out how to soothe them when they won’t stop crying. As new parents we tend to seek outside information, but receive confusing or mixed messages. This causes us to second-guess, feel self-critical, and generally lost on how to best care for yourself and your children.


Combining the mixed messages and confusion with babies' notorious unpredictable sleep patterns, it’s common to be exhausted from the seemingly never-ending wakeful nights. The challenge of becoming a new parent and the lack of sleep can be incredibly taxing on both physical and mental health leading to fatigue, irritability, and even depression.

But, you can take the guesswork out of supporting your child to sleep and get the rest you need. There is no perfect parent and there is no perfect one-fits-all sleep solution which is why The Mama Co-Op provides individualized strategies and sleep solutions that will work for your family.

Sleep Coaching Packages

The Slumber

10 day virtual support package

For babies 12 weeks old through children 5 years old

Includes a thorough sleep assessment with personalized sleep strategies and postpartum mental health screenings for parents of babies less than 12 months of age. Also includes:

  • 45 minute consultation

  • 10 days of virtual support

  • Interactive Sleep Log

  • Daily check ins

  • 20 minute wrap up call


Investment: $697

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Dream Academy

8 Week virtual support package

For school-aged children 5 through 12 years

Includes a thorough sleep assessment and child sleep habit questionnaire with age and developmentally appropriate interventions to support restful sleep for your school aged child. Also includes:

  • Personalized Dream Academy Sleep and Mindfulness Strategies

  • 45 minute consultation

  • Interactive sleep log

  • Weekly coaching sessions for 8 weeks

  • 20 minute wrap up call


Investment: $1297

Rested Like a Mama

4 Week Virtual Prenatal Sleep Coaching Package

includes a thorough sleep assessment, perinatal mental health screening, and personalized strategies. Also includes:

  • Habit and nutrition tracker

  • Weekly, 30-minute coaching sessions

  • Unlimited email support

  • Guidance with mindfulness and breathing techniques

  • Grounding strategies


Investment: $897

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"First off, Sara is such a kind person. From our first call, it instantly felt like we were good friends without even speaking before! She asked thorough and detailed questions to really dive in to our current routine, what we tried so far, developmentally where our little girl was at with learning new skills, what our goals were, etc. and made me feel like I was already doing such a great job, despite the stress of having a nine month old who only napped for 30-45 minutes and was having occasional night time wake ups."

-Courtney W

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Parenting is hard, but you don’t have to be exhausted doing it.

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