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rested nights, mindful parenting

Sleep & parenting solutions from pediatric experts

*Now seeing children through age 12.

Does this sound familiar?

Just going to say it, parenting is HARD! The good news is that you've come to the right place for support and resources!

Wakeful baby

Frequent Night Wakings

Your baby may be fighting sleep, taking up to an hour to fall asleep, only to wake up again an hour or two later, disrupting both your child's sleep and yours.

New Sister

Dependency on Your Presence for Sleep

If your child relies on specific conditions, such as being rocked or held, or feeding to fall asleep, it can create challenges.

Siblings in White
Impact on Sibling or Family Dynamics

The disrupted sleep of your wakeful infant may affect the entire household, creating stress and unintended disrupted sleep among family members, especially if there are older siblings.

Baby with pacifier

Difficulty Establishing a Consistent Sleep Routine

Constantly rocking, bouncing, and feeding your baby every time they wake up can make it feel IMPOSSIBLE to establish a consistent sleep routine.

Baby with Toys

Incomplete Sleep Cycles

Incomplete sleep cycles can leave both you and your little one feeling unrested, impacting your overall well-being.

Baby Learning to Walk
Concerns about Development

Constant anxiety about bedtime and worries that your child's sleep patterns may be affecting their overall development can be emotionally taxing.

Mother and Baby

Naptime Struggles

The struggles with getting your baby to sleep may extend to naptime, making it difficult to ensure your baby gets the necessary rest, and plan your day or even shower. 

Happy Mother with her Child

Impact on Parent Well-being

The PURE exhaustion, feelings of frustration, and questioning if you're slowly starting to go insane are all signs of the significant impact that sleep deprivation is having on your well-being.

Parents with Newborn Baby
Strain on the Parental Relationship

The challenges of dealing with a wakeful infant can sometimes lead to stress in your relationship, as both partners may be affected by sleep deprivation and resulting fatigue.

Sleep training doesn't mean "Cry It Out"

Seeking personalized guidance that doesn’t necessarily include the “Cry it Out” method, perhaps through a certified sleep consultant, can help you navigate these challenges and develop a sleep training plan that aligns with your parenting values. It's important that whoever you do work with practices with patience, consistency, and a tailored approach that takes into account your unique situation and your baby's needs.

your motherhood experience doesn't have to feel like survival mode.

When you and your child get the rest you need, you will go from surviving to thriving.

Parenting is hard. And when your child doesn’t sleep well, that makes it even harder. The Mama Co-Op knows that sleep is one of the most important factors in feeling calm and confident as a parent. We’re here to support you with sleep, mental wellness, and community.

We specialize in: 

  • Pediatric sleep coaching through age 12

  • Pediatric neurodivergent sleep support

  • Parenting classes & resources

  • Prenatal and postpartum support groups

We know that there is strong association between infant sleep problems and maternal depressive symptoms, even when known depression risk factors are taken into account. When we teach parents how to modify challenging sleep behavior, it is associated with a significant improvement in maternal mood. We are here to support the mama caring for her child.

meet the founder and your certified pediatric sleep consultant

Hi, I’m Sara Nudd, RN, BSN, CPN, PMH-C

Sara Nudd owner of the mama co op.png

I’m a Colorado-based pediatric nurse, sleep consultant, and mom of 4. After 20+ years teaching families how to care for their children during times of illness and developmental milestones as a pediatric RN, I recognized a correlation between infant and child sleep patterns and their parents’ mental health. 

Night after sleepless night can take its toll on parents and caregivers physically, emotionally, and mentally. One of the most important ways to relieve these symptoms is with uninterrupted and restorative sleep. I can help you do that with a holistic, individualized approach focused on evidence-based information and a unique mental health lens. I also facilitate parent support groups so you can build your community as you navigate parenthood.

I’m on a mission to help you and your baby or child sleep better so you can show up as the calm and connected parent you want to be. Let’s work together to get you the sleep you so desperately need and deserve.

mom kissing newborn baby on lips.jpg

“Life-changing! My anxiety about my son's sleeping habits were immediately reduced after talking to Sara.  She went above and beyond to tailor a schedule to our goals, answer our questions, keep us on track, and check in to encourage us when we just thought we couldn't do it anymore.  I didn't realize how much our sleep situation (or lack thereof) was affecting all of us.  I thought I had tried it all and read it all, but Sara offered suggestions that were specific to our child's temperament and to our situation.  I now feel empowered to give our son the sleep he needs, and grateful that my husband and I can sleep, too.  Thank you, Sara!”


-Rachel B

Here’s How The Mama Co-Op Can Help You


Sleep coaching

  • Pediatric sleep coaching from infancy through age 12

  • Pediatric neurodivergent sleep support

  • Prenatal sleep coaching for mom

  • Sleep support groups for parents


Parent Support Groups

  • Parenting support groups for birth through 5 years

  • Book Club

  • In person & virtual groups

  • Facebook support group


Parenting Classes

Prenatal, postpartum and parenting workshops to empower and support your journey.

Kind Words for Sara

“I don’t know where I’d be without Sara’s help!  She was absolutely instrumental in supporting me and my husband while we guided our kids in becoming independent sleepers.  And we ourselves required a fair bit of guidance during this process, too!  Sara was just a phone call or a text away any time of day or night to offer encouragement, support, feedback, and perspective.  Now my kids each fall asleep in their own beds and stay in bed all night.  It’s been life changing for all of us!  Sara’s approach was gentle and kind, calm and reassuring.  Some nights were a real struggle.  But Sara had a knack of making us realize that it was ok to accept where we were in the process.  She was always able to keep the endgame (independently sleeping kids!) on our horizon.  Not that I was always able to see this on the horizon - due to sleep deprivation and all - but in the end, sure enough, we made it!  And we are so much better off for it.  We are all sleeping better than we have in a long time.  Thank you Sara!!”



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Better sleep can help you be a better parent.

Sleep deprivation and postpartum depression are intertwined. Emerging evidence suggests that women with significant sleep disturbance, characterized by poor sleep quality or insomnia symptoms are more likely to report an increase in depressive feelings or develop postpartum depression. And depression makes parenting incredibly hard. 

The Mama Co-Op is here to help your sleep and mental health.

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